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Common faults of LM Series Laser Range Finders (LM40 / LM50 / LM60 / LM80 / LM100 / LM120 / LM150)

1. Fault code: 204. Cause: wrong calculation. Solution: operate again as per the user manual
2. Fault code: 220 Cause: low battery. Solution: replace batteries or recharge.
3. Fault code: 255 Cause: weak received reflected light or long measurement time. Solution: improve the reflecting surface (By using reflector, white paper, etc.)
4.Fault code: 256 Cause: received signal is too strong. Solution: improve the reflecting surface (By using reflector or white paper. Do not perform measurement by aiming at strong light)
5. Fault code: 261 Cause: over range. Solution: perform measurement as per the specified range.
6. Fault code: 500 Cause: hardware failure. Solution: contact with the supplier if same problem occurs after the product is turned on/off multiple times.

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