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Industry Electricity
Industry Electricity11 min

Uni-Trend’s electrical tools are suitable for testing all kinds of field power equipment and analyzing the power quality. It is also suitable for users who need to measure three-phase power systems and analyze harmonic waves.

1. Electrical Power Quality

Ideal power supply should be perfectly balanced and symmetrical. However, power systems do not operate in ideal states. Any interference factor to power systems will allow waveform to deviate from power systems and influence power quality.

2. Electrical Power

The work done by the current in a time period.It indicates the physical quantity of speed of energy consumption, Power (W). Each electrical device has a normal operating voltage (rated voltage). Nominal power on electrical appliances is rated power, and actual working power of the electric appliances is the apparent power.

3. Phase

Three-phase AC is composed of AC circuit that has three identical frequency, equal potential amplitude and phase difference angle of 120°. If the capacitance and inductance of power system and power devices do not match, it will cause phase imbalance, and will change some power factors in power supply system (reducing active power),  finally, it will create power waste due to energy loss.

4. Harmonic Wave

It is the portion of energy in power supply system, excluding power in frequency of 50Hz. Harmonic wave is generated by current distortion caused by nonlinear loads (for example, UPS power supply, switch power supply, frequency converter, rectifier, inverter, etc).

If harmonics are too large, high frequency interference with electrical equipment may cause damage and in severe cases, burn equipment.

5. Insulation

Insulators are nonconductive. It is used for isolating and protecting sensitive circuits from high voltages and currents.

Insulators are affected by high voltage and environment (such as corrosive, sunny, humid, dusty and other environments) and lose insulation gradually.

6. Grounding

The ground or earth reference point of electrical power system and electrical circuit; a common electric path for electrical current or a physical connection to the earth. It falls into the following: operation grounding (zero line), lightening protection grounding (earth wire), shielding grounding (earth wire), and static electricity protection grounding (earth wire).

7. RCD leakage protector

RCD is called residual current device, such as leakage protector. Leakage protector is a low-voltage safety protection device, and it is used for preventing single phase electric shock accidents caused by leakage current.

If input or output RCD current is unbalanced, there may be leakage. RCD should work to protect circuit safety.

8. Leakage

It is a phenomenon caused by incorrect installation, insulation layers aging, and improper maintenance of equipment.

Dangerous situations may occur when leakage currents are neglected.

Economic and energy loss will be created through wasted electricity.

It will cause a fire or greater security risks, resulting in a risk to life or other significant losses.

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