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A56 BT Temperature Humidity Datalogger (Coming soon)

A56BT Bluetooth Temperature Humidity Datalogger is using high-accuracy digital temperature humidity module as the sensor, and with low-power microprocessor. It features high accuracy, large storage capacity, auto record, time display, LED sound-light alarm, ultra-low temperature record and etc. Meanwhile, it supports to modify records, view data and export PDF report via the mobile App or PC software. The datalogger can satisfy high-accuracy measurement and long-time temperature humidity record requirement in different conditions, widely used in the food processing, cold-chain transportation, storage and etc.

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Features of A56 BT Temperature Humidity Datalogger

Certifications: CE, RoHS

Language:EN, FR, DE, IT, ES, SV, PL, CZ

1. Wide Range: -40℃~85℃
2. High Accuracy: ±3℃
3. Bluetooth APP
4. PC Analysis Software
5. Audible and Visible Alarm
6. IP54 Protection
7. 64000 Sets of Data Storage
8. Magnetic Wall-Mounted Design


Temperature Range -40℃~ 85℃ (-40℉~ 185℉)
Humidity Range 0%~100% RH
Temperature Range Accuracy
0℃< t ≤60℃ ±0.3℃
-40℃≤ t ≤0℃ ±0.5℃
60℃< t ≤85℃
32℉< t ≤140℉ ±0.6℉
-40℉≤ t ≤32℉ ±0.9℉
140℉< t ≤185℉
Humidity Range Accuracy
0%≤ RH ≤90% ±2.5%RH(25℃)
90%< RH ≤100% ±3.5%RH(25℃)
Temperature/Humidity Resolution 0.1℃(0.1℉)/0.1%RH
Record Capacity 64000 sets
LED Indicators
Buzzer Alarm
PC Software
Mobile App √(TempLink)
Low Battery Indication
Record Interval 10s~ 24h (Set through the PC/App)
Start-up Ways Buttons/Software/Booking
Time of Screen OFF 15s±2s (Set through the PC/App)
USB Port USB Type-C
USB Power Supply
Working Time 2yr
Hangings Way Rear magnetic or Wall mounting
Working Temperature and Humidity -40℃~+85℃,≤99%RH
Storage Temperature -40℃~+85℃(Not battery included)
-40℃~+60℃(ER14505 battery included)
Certificate EMC: EN 61326-1:2021,ROHS
IP Rating IP54
Battery Type Single-use Li-SOCl2 Battery 3.6V 2700mAh(ER14505)
Size 104×62×25mm
Weight About 100g(Not battery included)
Standrad Accessories Gift box, quick start guide, safety instruction, download operation guide, battery, wall-mounted Screws*2, expandable rubber plug*2, USB cable
Standard Quantity Per Carton 20pcs


A56 BT application-1
A56 BT application-2
A56 BT application-3
A56 BT application 4 scaled
A56 BT application 5 scaled
A56 BT application 6 scaled



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