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This product has been discontinued.

LM520G-LD/LM530G-LD/LM550G-LD Laser Levelers (Discontinued)

UNI-T's new LM laser levels enable you to locate horizontal line, vertical line, and V-H cross-point accurately. The new and improved laser level is a perfect tool for building construction, home decoration, renovation, furniture installation, flooring, and project layout.


Models: LM520G-LD, LM530G-LD, LM550G-LD


Features of LM520G-LD/LM530G-LD/LM550G-LD Laser Levelers

● High visible laser

● Self leveling
● High-capacity Li-ion battery
● Simultaneous charging and power supplying

Specifications of LM520G-LD/LM530G-LD/LM550G-LD Laser Levelers

Specifications LM520G-LD LM530G-LD LM550G-LD
Display type Green LD
Laser type 1V1H 2V1H 4V1H
Laser points 3 4 6
Laser wavelength 510~515nm
Light source ≤1mW
Laser class 2
Expanded Angle H130°/V110°
H/V accuracy ± 3mm@10m
Self-leveling range 3° (±0.5°)
Self-leveling method Gravity pendulun magnetic damping
Self-leveling time ≤5s
Working distance Line 20m, point 25m@300lux
Operating time >5h (all lasers on)
Operating temperature range  -10°C to 40°C
Storage temperature range  -20°C to 60°C
General Characteristics
Power 3.7V Li-ion battery 4000mAh
Product net weight Around 1kg
Product size 190mm x 132.5mm x 127mm
Standard accessories Safety goggles, adapter, mark ruler, Li-ion battery,  strap, English manual
Standard individual packing Gift box, tool box
Standard quantity per carton 4pcs
Standard carton measurement 440mm x 330mm x 260mm
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