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LM570/585 Series Laser Levelers

These laser levelers are equipped with green LD laser, suitable for large or bright work places. Its applications include: horizontal, vertical, cross line projection for decoration, building construction, home decoration, renovation, furniture installation, flooring, and project layout.


Models in LM570/585 Series: LM570LD-II, LM573LD-II, LM575LD, LM576LD, LM585LD

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Features of LM570/585 Series Laser Levelers

Certificates (LM570LD-II/575LD only): CE, UKCA

● Osram LD green laser
● Self-leveling mode & manual mode
● Outdoor pulse mode

● 5200mAh Li-ion battery
● Type-C DC-in port
● Complimentary bracket

Specifications of LM570/585 Series Laser Levelers

Specifications LM570LD-II LM573LD-II LM575LD LM576LD LM585LD
Certificates CE, UKCA (LM570LD-II/575LD only)
Laser type Green LD Green LD Osram green LD Osram green LD Osram green LD
Laser lines 2 lines 3D 12 lines 3D 12 lines 3D 16 lines 8 lines
Operating distance 10m 40m 40m 30m 30m
Laser accuracy ±3mm/10m ±3mm/10m ±3mm/10m ±3mm/10m ±3mm/10m
Outdoor pulse mode
Remote control
Self-leveling range 3°±1° ±3° ±3° ±3° ±3°
Self-leveling time 3s <3s <3s <3s <3s
Working hours 4h >6h >6h >4h >4h
Laser wavelength 520nm
Laser class 2
General Characteristics
Power LM570LD-II: 1.5V battery x 2 (LR6); LM573LD-II/LM575LD/LM576LD/LM585LD: 3.7V Li-ion battery 5200mAh
Product net weight LM570LD-II: 240g; LM573LD-II/LM575LD: 694g; LM576LD: 653g; LM585LD: 591g
Product size LM570LD-II: 85.5mm x 62mm x 90.3mm; LM573LD-II: 119mm x 89mm x 138mm;
LM575LD/LM576LD: 138mm x 89mm x 147mm; LM585LD: 138mm x 89mm x 136mm
Standard accessories USB cable, adapter, English manual
Standard individual packing Gift box, tool box
Standard quantity per carton LM570LD-II: 20pcs; LM573LD-II/LM575LD/LM576LD/LM585LD: 4pcs
Standard carton measurement LM570LD-II: 420mm x 320mm x 350mm; LM573LD-II/LM575LD/LM576LD/LM585LD: 620mm x 355mm x 325mm
Standard carton gross weight LM570LD-II: 10.71kg; LM573LD-II/LM575LD/LM576LD: 10.63kg; LM585LD: 10.22kg

Applications of LM570/585 Series Laser Levelers

LM573LD-II application 1
LM573LD-II application 2
LM575LD application 1
LM575LD application 2



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