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LM570R/585R Laser Levels

These laser levelers are equipped with red laser,which allows for fast, accurate layout of reference points and lines.They are ideal tools for stair laying,furniture installation, electrical and residential construction.

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Features of LM570R/585R Series Laser Levels

Certifications : ROW

● Laser high-brightness display

● 360°emission angle

● Self-leveling

● Pendulum lock

● Laser diagonals

● Wireless remote control

Features of LM570R/LM585R Series Laser Levels

Specifications LM573R LM575R LM576R LM585R
Laser tube SHARP LD
Laser type Red, high brightness
Laser lines 12 lines 12 lines 16 lines 8 lines
Laser wavelength 635nm±10nm
Laser class CLASS II
Horizontal accuracy ≤±3mm/10m
Vertical accuracy ≤±3mm/10m
Brightness adjustment 3 scales adjustable
Laser linewidth ≤5mm±1/10m (indoor lighting: 80~100lux)
Emission angle 360° 360° 360° Horizontal: 360°, vertical: 120°
Leveling range ±(3±1)°
Minimum distance to wall/ground 10mm Wall: 10mm, ground: 15mm Wall: 10mm, ground: 15mm 20mm
Battery life >30h
Operating range In the highest brightness, radius>30m
Leveling modes Magnetic damping, heavy hammer
Alarm modes Buzzer + laser line flashes
Diagonal mode
Operating temperature -10~50℃
Power supply 3.7V 6000mAh
Standard accessories Laser level, 6000mAh battery pack, Type-C cable, user manual, wall-mounted bracket + iron plate(not LM585R), remote control(not LM585R),lifting table(only LM585R),  tripod base(only LM585R), toolbox
Product size 130×87×120mm 135×87×130mm 135×87×150mm 85×75×115mm


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