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LM571R-I/LM571LD-I Laser Levels

LM571 series line laser level are handy tools used in construction. These are ideal tools for horizontal and vertical leveling needs. It is useful for project that requires accurate leveling in 2 dimensional area.


Models: LM571R-I, LM571LD-I



Features of LM571R-I/LM571LD-I Laser Levels

● Display type: green

Specifications of LM571R-I/LM571LD-I Laser Levels

Specifications LM571R-I LM571LD-I
Display type Red Green
Laser type 1V1H
Expanded Angle H130°/V150°
Laser class Class 2
Light source 10mW
Laser wavelength 635nm 510nm
H/V accuracy ±2mm/10m
Self-leveling range 3°±1°
Self-leveling time 3s
Working distance (Line) 20m; >30m with detector
Operating time >12h (All lasers on)
Tripod mounting hole
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