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This product has been discontinued.

UT07 Series (2) Socket Testers (Discontinued)

UT07 series socket testers can check socket-wiring errors. These tools are widely used in commercial and residential areas.


Models: UT07A-AU, UT07B-AU, UT07A-IND, UT07B-IND, UT07D-IND


Features of UT07 Series (2) Socket Testers

● Portable

Specifications of UT07 Series (2) Socket Testers

Specifications UT07-AU UT07B-AU UT07A-UK UT07A-IND UT07B-IND UT07D-IND UT07A-EU UT07B-EU
Operating voltage 240V 230V 220V 230V
Operating current <18mA <18mA
Operating frequency 50Hz~60Hz 50Hz 50Hz~60Hz
RCD ~30mA ~30mA ~30mA
Indications Correct OK, leakage test passed
Missing earth OK
Live earth reverse Missing earth
Live neutral reverse Missing live
Missing neutral Missing neutral
Live earth reverse
Live earth reverse and
missing earth
General Characteristics
Product color Red and grey
Product net weight UT07A-AU/UT07B-AU: 58g; UT07A-UK/UT07A-IND: 64g; UT07B-IND: 65.5g;  UT07D-IND: 72g; UT07A-EU: 79g; UT07B-EU: 80.5g
Product size UT07A-UK/UT07A-AU/UT07B-AU: 65mm x 65mm x 40mm
UT07A-IND/UT07B-IND/UT07D-IND/UT07A-EU/UT07B-EU: 65mm x 65mm x 61mm
Standard individual packing Blister, English manual
Standard quantity per carton UT07A-AU/UT07B-AU/UT07A-IND/UT07B-IND/UT07D-IND/UT07A-EU/UT07B-EU: 48pcs;
UT07A-UK: 60pcs
Standard carton measurement 430mm x 330mm x 365mm (0.052 CBM per standard carton)
Standard carton
gross weight
UT07A-AU/UT07B-AU: 3.9kg; UT07A-UK: 6.5kg; UT07A-IND/UT07B-IND/UT07D-IND: 6.8kg;
UT07A-EU: 5.8kg; UT07B-EU: 5.4kg
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