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UT18E Voltage and Continuity Tester

The UT18E is designed for testing AC/DC voltage (up to 1000V), three-phase voltage/phase sequence, continuity, and more. It continues the lightweight design style of UT18C, LED and LCD can clearly display the measurement results. It complies with CAT IV 600V, and the buzzer alarm function can remind users to maintain safe operation at all times, UT18E is a handy electrician tool.


Features of UT18E Voltage and Continuity Tester

Certifications: CE, UKCA

● 8 voltage levels:  12V, 24V, 50V, 120V, 230V, 400V, 690V, 1000V (AC/DC)

● Phase sequence test

● Automatic polarity test

● Continuity test

● RCD function

● Auto power off

● Frequency measurement

● Low impedance measurement

● LED+LCD display at the same time

● Buzzer alarm

● Flashlight

● Safety rating: CAT III 1000V / CAT IV 600V

Specifications of UT18E Voltage and Continuity Tester

Specifications Range UT18E
Voltage(AC/DC) 6V ±(1.5%+1)
12V ±(1.5%+2)
24V ±(1.5%+2)
50V ±(1.5%+3)
120V ±(1.5%+4)
230V ±(1.5%+5)
400V ±(1.5%+5)
690V ±(1.5%+5)
1000V ±(1.5%+5)
Phase rotation test 100Vac~400Vac (3 phase)
Frequency: 50Hz~60Hz
Continuity test Resistance: 0Ω~60kΩ
Beeper and LED light indication
RCD test Operating voltage: 230V (50Hz~400Hz)
Polarity detection Positive & Negative
Self-inspection All LED or LCD
No power test Operating voltage: 100~1000V
Voltage indication LED and LCD
Auto range Full range
Over voltage protection 1100V
Auto standby Standby current<10μA
Slient mode Full range
Backlight Full range
Low battery indication Around 2.4V
LCD display (voltage) 6V~1000V
LCD display (Frequency) 40Hz~400Hz ±(3%+5)
IP rating IP65
Safety rating CAT III 1000V; CAT IV 600V
Certificate CE , UKCA, RoHS
General Characteristics
Product Color Red, black
Product weight (include batteries) 277g
Product Dimension 272 x 85 x 31 mm
Standard package Clamshell+insert card+user manual
Standard quantity per carton 20 pcs
Standard carton Dimension 415 x 380 x 365 mm

Applications of UT18E Voltage and Continuity Tester

UT18E Phase rotation test
Phase rotation test
UT18E Flashlight

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