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UT219PV Professional AC/DC Clamp Meter

The UT219PV is an advanced AC/DC clamp meter specially designed for high-voltage photovoltaic environments. It offers exceptional accuracy and performance, with a wide range of features. With its automatic range selection and a clear display capable of showing up to 9999 digits, this clamp meter allows for precise measurements of AC/DC voltage, current, low-pass filtered voltage/current, surge current, peak current, DC power (using an external flexible clamp head), resistance, circuit continuity, diodes, capacitance, and temperature. Its versatility extends beyond photovoltaic applications, as it can also be used in other high-voltage settings like energy storage systems, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), and large motors.

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Features of UT219PV Professional AC/DC Clamp Meter

Certifications (UT219PV only): CE, RoHS, cETLus

● 35mm Ultra-thin Jaw: suitable for inverter or combiner box
● Voltage measurement: AC1500V/DC2500V
● Current measurement: AC/DC 1000A
● Power DC: 2500KVA
● External clamp sensor: UT-CS09D(AC 3000A)
● Solar panel polarity indication: when <-10 DCV, Audible & Visual alarm
● Bluetooth APP
● Auto backlight & Auto power off
● Certificates:CE (EMC, LVD), cETLus, RoHS
● Safety rating:CAT III 1500V/ CAT IV 600V
● IP65


Technical Specifications
Current (ACA) 999.9 A 40Hz~100Hz: ±(2.0%+5)
100Hz~1000Hz: ±(2.5%+5)
Current (DCA) 999.9 A ±(2.0%+5)
Voltage (ACV) 999.9V/1500V 40Hz~1000Hz: ±(1.0%+5)
Voltage (DCV) 999.9V/2500V ±(1.0%+5)
Voltage (DC mV) 999.9 mV ±(1.0%+5)
ACV(with LPF) 999.9V ±(2.0%+9)
ACA(with LPF) 999.9A ±(2.5%+9)
ACA(with LPF): flex clamp sensor 30.00A/300.0A/3000A ±(4.0%+9)(center area)
ACA;with flex clamp sensor 30.00A/300.0A/3000A ±(3.0%+5) (center area)
Power (DC) 999.9 kVA/2500 kVA ±(2.0%+20)
Frequency (A&V)  5.0 Hz to 999.9Hz ±(0.5%+5)
Resistance (Ω) 999.9Ω/9.999KΩ/99.99kΩ ±(1.0%+5)
Cpacitance(F) 100.0μF/1000 μF ±(1.0%+5)
Temperature  -40℃~400℃/-40℉~752℉ ±(1.0%+30); ±(1.0%+60)
True RMS
Display count 9999
Display LCD: Dual display (V+A)
Jaw (Max conductor dia.) 35mm
Solar panel polarity indication when <-10 DCV, Audible & Visual alarm
High voltage alarm
Over range indication
Inrush current
Bluetooth app BT 5.0
Auto backlight
Low battery indication
Flexiable clamp compatible UT-CS09D (optional)
IP rating IP65
Overvoltage category CAT III 1500V; CAT IV 600V
Certificates CE, cETLus, RoHS
General Characteristics
Power supply 2 * AA
Product dimension 295mm x 73mm x 50mm
Product color Grey + Red
Accessories test probe, temperature probe, batteries, manual


applications of UT219PV-1
Ultra-thin Clamp:
35mm ultra-thin clamp, designed for narrow gaps in the combiner or inverter and other tight spaces environment.
applications of UT219PV-2
External clamp sensor:
The UT-CS09D flex clamp sensor is supported, which means the AC current measurement range can expand to 3000A, and the flexible coils can handle measurements in narrow spaces.
applications of UT219PV-3
Polarity indication:
If the voltage is below -10V DC, the system will activate a series of indicators: The red LED will flash for a period of 10 seconds, accompanied by buzzing. Additionally, the LCD screen will display the "POLARITY" symbol, alerting the user to the reversed probe.
applications of UT219PV-4
Bluetooth APP:
By utilizing the Bluetooth app, you can conveniently record the testing results and measurement details. Moreover, the testing reports and data can be effortlessly transported and shared with your colleagues or team members.

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