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UT230B-EU Power Socket

UT230B-EU power socket can be used to monitor operation status (voltage, current, time, power consumption and energy cost) of electrical appliances. UT230B-EU is suitable for indoor, in locations such as home, office, schools, and other residential and commercial settings.



Features of UT230B-EU Power Socket

Certifications: CE, UKCA

● Unit price of electricity: 0~99.99 ($/kWh)
● Accumulative time: 0 minute~9999 days

● Accumulative charge: 0~9999$

● CO2 display: 0~9999kg

● Power consumption: <0.4W

Specifications of UT230B-EU Power Socket

Specifications Range UT230B-EU
Voltage 100V~260V ±1%
Current 0A~6A
0A~16A ±1%
Frequency 45Hz~65Hz
Power 1~3680W ±1%
Power factor 0~1 ±2%
Energy consumption 0~9999kWh ±1%
Unit price of electricity 0~99.99 ($/kWh)
Accumulative time 0 minute~9999 days
Accumulative charge 0~9999$
CO2 display 0~9999kg
Power consumption <0.4W
Overload indication >16A
General Characterisitics
Power 3V button battery
Display 48mm x 30.5mm
Product color White
Product net weight 155g
Product size 130mm x 65mm x 37mm
Standard accessories Battery
Standard individual packing Blister, English manual
Standard quantity per carton UT230B-EU: 80pcs
Standard carton measurement UT230B-EU: 570mm x 400mm x 360mm
Standard carton gross weight UT230B-EU: 19.4kg

Applications of UT230B-EU Power Socket

UT230B-EU application

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