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UT251C+ AC Leakage current clamp (Coming soon)

UT251C+ high-accuracy high sensitivity leakage current clamp meters are designed for testing AC leakage current. The high resolution meter is great for applications such as checking leakage current for motor, home appliances and other electrical equipment up to 60A.

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Features of UT251C+ AC Leakage current clamp

Certifications: CE, ETL, RED, FCC

1. Jaw size: 40mm
2. Current: 3.000mA~60.0A; 1uA
3. Harmonic measurement: 21
4. Frequency: 5Hz~5KHz
5. Frequency response: 50Hz~60Hz
6. Strong anti- interference
7. Stable reading
8. Bluetooth app
9. CAT III 600V


Specifications Range
Current 3.000mA 1uA
30.00mA 0.01mA
300.0mA 0.1mA
3.000A 0.001A
30.00A 0.01A
60.0A 0.1A
Frequency 99.99Hz 0.01Hz
999.9Hz 0.1Hz
5.000KHz 0.001KHz
Frequency response 50Hz~60Hz
HARM measurement 1 0.1%
2~6 0.1%
7~8 0.1%
9~10 0.1%
11~15 0.1%
16~20 0.1%
Display count 3000
True RMS
Jaw size Measureable dia.:40mm
Display HTN LCD; Dual display
LPF function
Sample rate 2 times/s
Auto range
Data hold
Data transmission Bluetooth
Low battery indication
Harmonic test
CAT rating CAT III 600V
Certificates CE, ETL, RED, FCC
General Characteristics
Power supply AAA 1.5V*3
Product Color Gray + Red
Product Dimension  200*84*40(mm)
Main features (flyer)
Large Jaw size
(up to 40mm)
Safety regulation
(CAT III 600V)
High resolution (1uA) Bluetooth supported
Strong an-ti interference Stable reading


Application of UT251C+ -1
Application of UT251C+ -2
Application of UT251C+ -3
Application of UT251C+ -4

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