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UT255 Series High Voltage Clamp Ammeters

UT255 series high voltage clamp ammeters can measure up to 69kV high voltage line current and leakage current. UT255 comes with an insulation rod, allowing professional users to check status of lightning arresters. The wireless model (UT255B) is also able to wirelessly transmit data in real-time up to 30m range. Its clamp can be easily removed from wire by pressing or pulling back the insulation rod.


Models in UT255 series: UT255A, UT255B


Features of UT255 Series High Voltage Clamp Ammeters

● Auto range, 2 times/s  sampling rate

● Peak hold
● Manual range/stores 99 sets of data
● RS-232 interface
● Data hold
● Auto power off
● LCD backlight
● Overload protection, low battery indication
● Automatic plug clamp

Specifications of UT255 Series High Voltage Clamp Ammeters

Specifications Range UT255A UT255B
Leakage current (A) 0.01mA~100A ±(1%+5) ±(1%+5)
100A~600A ±(2%+5) ±(2%+5)
Voltage (Freq.)  0V~69kV (50Hz/60Hz)
Display mode 4 digits LCD
Jaw opening 33mm 33mm
Auto range
Wireless transmission ≤30m
Data recall
Data storage 99 99
Peak value
LCD backlight
Data hold
Auto power off
Low battery indication
Over-range display OL
Test mode Clamp CT, integration
Sampling rate About 2 times/s
General Characteristics
Power 1.5V Battery (LR03) x 4
Display 47mm x 28.5mm
Product color Red and grey
Product net weight 335g
Product size 68mm x 245mm x 40mm
Standard accessories Batteries, insulation rod, receiver (UT255B)
Standard individual packing Gift box, English manual, tool box
Standard quantity per carton 1pcs
Standard carton measurement 1040mm x 240mm x 140mm
Standard carton gross weight 6.8kg

Applications of UT255 Series High Voltage Clamp Ammeters

UT255B application
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