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UT255C Wireless Large Current Fork Meter

The UT255C Large Current Fork Meter is specifically designed and manufactured to measure high-voltage current(AC 0.00A~9999A). Its innovative U-shaped clamp, which features a breakthrough in the conventional structure, makes on-site measurement effortless.


The UT255C Large Current Fork Meter is extensively employed in various settings, including substations, power plants, industrial and mining enterprises, detection stations, and electrical servicing departments.

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Features of UT255C Wireless Large Current Fork Meter

  1. U-shaped fork (easy operation)
  2. Large current measurement (up to 9999A)
  3. Wireless transmission (up to 100m)
  4. Large Jaw size (up to φ68mm)
  5. Lightweight, Retractable insulation rod (up to 3.6m)
  6. Data storage

Specifications of UT255C Wireless Large Current Fork Meter

Function 1, Measure high-voltage AC current;
2, Measure low-voltage AC current;
3, On-line AC current monitoring.
Current measurement range 0.00A~9999A (50/60Hz, automatic); 0.01A (resolution); ±2%±5dgt
Conductor voltage range 60KV (Object: bare conductor; insulation rod extended)
Voltage class of insulation rod 110KV
Power supply DC6V alkaline dry battery (1.5V AAA × 4)
Testing mode Non-contact U-shaped CT
Transfer mode 433MHz wireless transfer;
Transfer distance: 100m.
Sampling rate 2 times/s
Screen 4-digit LCD display (with backlight);
Auto range
Data storage 99 set
Overload indication The symbol “OL  A” appears.
No signal indication The symbol “no- -” is displayed dynamically
Auto power off Around 15 minutes
Low battery indication YES
Insulation rod voltage level 110KV
Insulation rod size 1, Φ45mm,
2, Length: 850 mm (retracted); 3600 mm (extended)
Product dimension 1, Meter:107×252×31mm (W*H*L);
2, Receiver:78×165×42mm
3, CT size: φ68mm
Product weight Detector: 235g (including battery);
Receiver: 280g (including battery);
Total weight: 2300g (including hot stick and battery)
Working environment -10°C~40°C; ≤80%Rh
Interference Avoid interference from the co-channel signal of 315MHz and 433MHz
Dielectric strength AC 220kV/rms (between both ends of the fully-extended hot stick)
Structure Anti-dripping type Ⅱ
Accessories 1pcs Meter;1pcs receiver;1pcs antenna;1pcs insulation rod;1.5V AAA × 4pcs;1pcs toolbox
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