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UT302+/UT303+ Series Infrared Thermometers

UT302+/UT303+ series infrared thermometer can quickly and accurately determine the surface temperature by measuring the infrared energy radiated from the target surface. It is suitable for non-contact surface temperature measurement. The UT302C+ and UT303C+ have ring laser, an unique patented display method that covers entire measured area, user will know exactly where the measurement is taking place.


Models in UT302+/UT303+ Series: UT302A+, UT302C+, UT302D+, UT303A+, UT303C+, UT303D+

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Features of UT302+/UT303+ Series Infrared Thermometers

Certificates: CE, UKCA

● ±1.5℃ temperature measurement accuracy
● User defined visual and audio alarm
● High contrast EBTN color display
● MAX/MIN/AVG/DIFF/Hold modes
● Dual lasers (UT302D+/UT303D+)

● Temperature recording up to 99 groups (UT302C+/UT303C+/UT302D+/UT303D+)
● Date/time display (UT302C+/UT302D+/UT303C+/UT303D+)
● Time scheduled measurement (UT302C+/UT303C+/UT302D+/UT303D+)

Specifications of UT302+/UT303+ Series Infrared Thermometers

Specifications UT302A+ UT302C+ UT302D+ UT303A+ UT303C+ UT303D+
Temperature range -32℃~700℃ -32℃~1100℃ -32℃~1100℃ -32℃~800℃ -32℃~1300℃ -32℃~1300℃
-25.6℉~1292℉ -25.6℉~2012℉ -25.6℉~2012℉ -25.6℉~1472℉ -25.6℉~2372℉ -25.6℉~2372℉
Accuracy ≥0℃: ±1.5℃ or ±1.5%; <0℃: ±(1.5℃+0.1℃/℃)
≥32℉: ±3.0℉ or ±1.5%; <32℉: ±(3.0℉+0.1℉/℉)
Repeatability 0.7℃ or 0.7% (1.5℉ or 0.7%)
D:S ratio 20:1 30:1
Response time 250ms
Emissivity 0.1~1.0 (adjustable, stores 5 sets of preset values)
Spectral response 8um~14um
Laser power < 1mW
Auto power off
Low battery indication
LCD display Color EBTN
High/low LED alarm
High/low audible alarm
Data hold/Lock measurement
℃/℉ selection
Data storage with date and time 99 99 99 99
Scheduled measurement
Operating temperature 0℃~50℃ (32℉~122℉)
Storage temperature  -20℃~60℃ (-4℉~140℉)
Operating humidity <90%RH (non-condensing)
Drop test 1m
Tripod mounting hole
General Characterisitics
Power 9V battery
Display 35mm x 35mm
Product color Red and grey
Product net weight 310g
Product size 172mm x 113.5mm x 53mm
Standard accessories Battery, carrying bag
Standard individual packing Gift box, blister, English manual
Standard quantity per carton 10pcs
Standard carton measurement 425mm x 335mm x 365mm
Standard carton gross weight 6.65kg

Applications of UT302+/UT303+ Series Infrared Thermometers

UT302C+ air conditioning measurement
Air conditioning measurement
UT302A+ Vehicle inspection
Vehicle inspection

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