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UT305+ Series Infrared Thermometers

The UT305+ series is a high-precision, high-distance ratio (55:1), wide temperature range (-50°C~ 2200°C) non-contact infrared thermometer. It can detect the thermal insulation performance of various types of equipment, and is suitable for furnace kilns, heat transfer pipes, building thermal bridge effect, cold storage, greenhouses, floor heating and other fields.


Models in UT305+ Series: UT305A+, UT305C+


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Features of UT305+ Series Infrared Thermometers

Certificates: CE, UKCA

● Infrared professional mode

● Surface heat conduction detection mode
● Surface dew point detection mode
● Surface temperature comparison mode
●  High resolution TFT color LCD
● Trigger lock function,Reservation measurement
● 999 groups of data storage, data output support PDF, CSV format
● High precision display of ambient temperature, relative humidity, dew point temperature and wet bulb temperature
● Type K thermocouple temperature measurement

Specifications of UT305+ Series Infrared Thermometers

Specifications UT305A+ UT305C+
Measurement range Infrared temperature measurement -50°C~1850°C




The environment temperature measurement -10°C~50°C (14℉~122℉)
Relative humidity 10%RH~90%RH
Type K thermocouple -50°C~1370°C (-58.0℉~2498℉)
Accuracy Infrared temperature measurement -50°C~0°C, ±(1.0℃+0.1℃/℃)

-58℉~32℉, ±(2.0℉+0.1℉/℉)

0°C~2200°C, ±1.0℃ or ±0.01×t℃ (Which is greater)
32℉~3992℉, ±2.0℉ or ±0.01×t℉ (Which is greater)

The environment temperature measurement -10°C~0°C (14℉~32℉), ±1.0°C (±2.0℉)                                     0°C~40°C (32℉~104℉), ±0.5℃ (±1.0℉)

40°C~50°C (104℉~122℉), ±1.0℃ (±2.0℉ )

Relative humidity ±5%RH
Type K thermocouple ±(0.005×t+1.5)℃, ±(0.005×t+3.0)℉
Certification  CE UKCA
Diastance ratio(D:S) 55:1
Emissivity 0.1~1.0 (adjustable)
Spectral response 8µm~14µm
Repeatability of infrared temperature measurement ±0.005×t℃(℉)or 1℃(2℉) (Which is greater)
Display resolution 0.1℃(0.1℉)
Unit conversion ℃ / ℉
Laser point Single laser, output < 1 mW, class II
Data storage 999 groups
Data output format PDF、CSV
Data communication or charging interface Type-C USB
Battery Li-ion 3.7V 2600mAh 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Charging time No more than 3 hours
Continuous working time Work continuously for no less than 20 hours on full charge
Buzzer alarm
Trigger lock function and reservation measurement
Real time, date
LCD type 2.4 inch TFT LCD 320 * 240 pixels
 temperature coefficient ±0.1℃/℃ or ±0.1%℃/℃, ±0.1℉/℉ or ±0.1%℉/℉(Which is greater)
Work at an altitude of No more than 2000 meters
Drop test 1m
Standard k-type thermocouple probe (bead type)
Measurement range -40°C to 260°C (-40°F to 500°F)
Accuracy 0.075× T (t is measured temperature)
Lenth 1 m (40 in) long K type thermocouple cable with standard micro thermocouple connector and bead probe
General Characteristics
Power Li-ion 3.7V 2600mAh 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery
LCD screen size 37mm x 49mm
Product color red and gray
Net weight 375 g
Product size 205 x 65 x 124 mm
Standard accessories Type-C data cable, Type K thermocouple probe (bead Type)
Standard packing Gift box, tool box, instruction manual, warranty card
Standard packing quantity 1 pc
Standard packing size 365*160*300 mm

Applications of UT305+ Series Infrared Thermometers

UT305C+ application 1
UT305C+ application 2

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