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This product has been discontinued. Replaced by UT330A/UT330B .

UT330TH USB Datalogger (Discontinued)

UT330TH datalogger uses high-precision temperature, humidity sensors for long period monitoring and recording. UT330TH is designed to meet IP65 water and dust resistant. The datalogger can store 64000 sets of data, and transmit them through USB to PC. UT330TH is great solution for monitoring temperature and humidity sensitive goods such as medicine or perishable food during transportation and storage.


Models: UT330T, UT330TH


Features of UT330TH USB Datalogger

● ℃/℉ selection

● IP65
● Temperature offset settings
● USB interface
● Auto record time setup
● Alarm threshold
● Start mode setup
● Alarm mode setup
● LED alarm
● Low battery indication

Specifications of UT330TH USB Datalogger

Specifications Range UT330T UT330TH
Certifications CE/RoHS
Temperature  -30℃~70℃
Accuracy  -20℃~40℃ ±0.4℃ ±0.4℃
 <-20°C or >40°C ±0.8℃ ±0.4℃
Resolution -0.1℃/0.1℉
Humidity 0%RH~100%RH ±2.5%RH
Resolution 0.1%RH
Humidity offset settings
Data storage 64000 64000
General Characteristics
Power CR2032
Display 23mm x 20mm
Product net weight 41g
Product size 98mm x 38m x 14mm
Standard accessories Batteries, bracket, screws, stickers, English manual
Standard individual packing Gift box
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