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This product has been discontinued.

UT502C Insulation Resistance Tester (Discontinued)

UT502C Insulation Resistance Tester, with their new design, large scale integrated circuit and digital circuit, is utilized to measure insulation resistance, alternating voltage and other parameters. The tester has features of complete functions, high accuracy, stable performances, comfortable and reliable operation. The tester is used in maintenance, test and verification for various electrical equipment and is applicable to measure insulation resistance of transformer, motor, cable, switch, electric appliances, etc.

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Features of UT502C Insulation Resistance Tester

● Auto power off

● Self-lock funciton

● Overrange indication

● Backlight function

Specifications of UT502C Insulation Resistance Tester

Specifications Output Voltage Measurement Range UT502C
Insulation Resistance Measurement 100V 0.00MΩ~100MΩ
250V 0.00MΩ~500MΩ
500V 0.00MΩ~2.00GΩ
1000V 0.00MΩ~5.00GΩ
2500V 0.00MΩ~20.0GΩ
Accuracy 0.00MΩ~99.9MΩ:  ±(3%+5)
100MΩ~5.00GΩ:  ±(5%+5)
0.00MΩ~99.9MΩ:  ±(3%+5)
100MΩ~9.99GΩ:  ±(5%+5)
10.0GΩ~20.0GΩ:  ±(10%+5)
Voltage Measurement Range AC:  30V~750V (50Hz/60Hz), ±(2%+3)
Short-Circuit Current <2mA
Powered by Adaptor (optional,without charging function)
6×1.5V AA alkaline batteries
Auto Power Off
Self-Lock Function
Low Battery Indication
Data Hold
Auto Discharge
Audible and Visual Alarm
Overrange Indication
Backlight function
Altitude ≤2000 m
Operating temperature and Humidity 0℃~35℃,<75% RH
Storage temperature and Humidity -20℃~60℃,<80% RH
Rating CAT III 600V
General Characteristics
Product Color Red + grey
Product Weight
(Include batteries)
Product Size 183.5mmx115mmx74mm
Accessories User manual *1 pcs;test lead *1 set;Alligator *1 set,Strap *1 pcs, 1.5V AA batteries *6pcs.
Standard Package Gift box+ cloth bag
Package Quantity Outer Carton:20pcs
Package Size 345mmx335mmx245mm

Applications of UT502C Insulation Resistance Tester

UT502C application 1
UT502C application 2
UT502C application 3
UT502C application 4



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