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UT501E Fast Insulation tester

UT501E can verify the quality of the electrical equipment produced, confirm the change of the insulation of the electrical equipment over time, troubleshoot and determine the cause of the fault.

It features 2.5 times fast measurement, comparison test function and alarm function, and the “safety lock function” prevent false and effectively improve the work efficiency of electrical engineers. It is a convenient and practical tool.

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Features of UT501E Fast Insulation tester

Certifications: ROW

● Output voltage:100V, 125V, 250V, 500V, 1000V
● Insulation resistance: 0~4G
● 2.5 times faster measurement
● Comparison test function
● PI & DAR function
● Auto discharge
● Alarm function (Audible & Visible alarm)
● Data storage: 99 groups
● PC software analysis (via USB cable)
● Remote control test lead
● Lock function: to prevent false triggering
● Rechargeable lithium battery (12V, 2600mAh)
● IP54
● Category rating: CAT III 600V


Technical Specifications
Insulation resistance
100V 0.10~20.0M ±(2%+6)
20.1~200M  ±(5%+6)
125V 0.10~20.0M ±(2%+6)
20.1~200M  ±(5%+6)
250V 0.20~40.0M ±(2%+6)
40.1~500M  ±(5%+6)
500V 0.5~200M ±(2%+6)
201~2000M  ±(5%+6)
1000V 1.00~1000M ±(2%+6)
1001~4000M  ±(5%+6)
Low resistance measurement 0.00Ω~400Ω  ±(2%+8)
AC voltage 30V~600V; 50Hz/60Hz  ±(2%+3)
DC voltage 30V~600V ±(2%+3)
Rated current 1.0mA
short circuit current <2.0mA
Fast measurement √ (2.5 times faster insulation measurement)
Compare function
Auto discharge
High voltage alarm
Manual range(insulation)
Auto range(voltage)
data storage 99 set
Overrange display OL
Security lock
Remote testing
analog strip
IP rating IP54
CAT rating  CAT III 600V
Other features Backlight, Auto power off, Low battery indication
General Characteristics
Power supply 11.1V/2600mAh lithium battery
Product Color Black + Red
Product Dimension 161 * 116 * 68mm


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