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UT575B double-clamp multifunctional earth tester

The UT575B double-clamp multifunctional earth tester is a high-end instrument designed for on-site measurement of various ground parameters. It offers advanced digital processing technology, multiple measurement methods, and a large-diameter current clamp for accurate readings. With storage, clock, Bluetooth, and USB capabilities, it facilitates data management and analysis. Widely used in industries like power, telecommunications, and construction.


Features of UT575B double-clamp multifunctional earth tester

Certifications (UT575B series only): ROW

1. Multiple measurement methods
a) 2/3/4 wires: 0.00Ω~300.00KΩ;
b) Selective method:0.00Ω~3000Ω;
c) Double clamp method: 0.01Ω~100Ω;
2. Ground voltage: AC 0.0V~100.0V (auto range)
3. Ground current: AC 0.00mA~600.0A (auto range)
4. Soil resistivity: 0.00Ωm~9000KΩm (0.01Ωm)
5. Strong anti-interference: 128Hz/111Hz/105Hz/94Hz(auto range)
6. Large clamp jaw diameter: up to 70mm
7. Data storage: 2000 set
8. PC software analysis via USB B
9. Audible alarm function


Models UT575B
Earth resistance (2/3/4 wire testing) 300.00kΩ
Earth resistance (selective method) 3000Ω
Earth resistance (double clamp method) 100Ω
Soil resistivity 9000kΩ
AC earth voltage 100.0V
AC earth current 600.0A
Test Frequency 128Hz/111Hz/105Hz/94Hz(AFC Auto)
Short circuit test current AC   250mA max
Open circuit test voltage AC   40V max
Manual range auto range(V & A)
Auto power off
Low battery indication
Data hold
Data storage 2000
LCD backlight
Alarm function
Full icon display
Poor contact display
Over-range display
 2-wire testing
 3-wire testing
 4-wire testing
Disturbance voltage
Disturbance frequency
Earth resistance RH and RS test
Compensating resistance RK test
Certificates ROW

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