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This product has been discontinued.

UT585/UT586 Digital RCD (ELCB) Testers (Discontinued)

UT585/586 digital RCD (ELCB) testers are necessary tools for engineering quality monitoring by measuring RCD (ELCB) trip time and current. Users can set X1/2, X1, X2, X5 the rated trip current to check RCD (ELCB)  response rate under various conditions.


Models: UT585, UT586


Features of UT585/UT586 Digital RCD (ELCB) Testers

● Lock measurement; automatically begin measurement after powering on

● Test lead connection check
● Phase angle selection (0°and 180°), can detect the fastest trigger time
● AUTO RAMP measurement, trip current and time real-time display
● 1A trigger test
● Fuse protection; data hold, over range indication, double insulation

Specifications of UT585/UT586 Digital RCD (ELCB) Testers

Specifications Range UT585 UT586
RCD measurement Range setting Rated operating current Trip time
x 1/2 10mA/20mA/30mA/100mA/300mA/500mA 1000ms
10mA/20mA/30mA/100mA/200mA/300mA/500mA/1000mA 2000ms
x 1 10mA/20mA/30mA/100mA/300mA/500mA 1000ms
10mA/20mA/30mA/100mA/200mA/300mA 2000ms
500mA/1000mA 200ms
x 2 10mA/20mA/30mA/100mA/300mA 1000ms
10mA/20mA/30mA/100mA/200mA/300mA/500mA 200ms
x 5 10mA/20mA/30mA/100mA/200mA 300ms
10mA/20mA/30mA/100mA/200mA 200ms
AUTO RAMP 10mA/20mA/30mA/100mA/300mA/500mA 300ms
10mA/20mA/30mA/100mA/200mA/300mA/500mA/1000mA 300ms
MANUAL RAMP 10mA/20mA/30mA/100mA/200mA/300mA/500mA/1000mA 300ms
Trip current accuracy ±10% ±10%
Trip time accuracy ±(0.6%+4) ±(0.6%+4)
Trip time resolution 1ms 1ms
Operating voltage (frequency): 230V (50Hz) ±10% ±10%
AC voltage 60V~400V (Frequency: 50Hz~60Hz) ±(5%+2) ±(5%+2)
DC voltage ±60V~±400V ±(5%+2)
Auto power off
Low battery indication
Data hold
LCD backlight
Contact voltage automatic detection
Over-temperature detection
Lock measurement
Connections check Lamps indication
General Characteristics
Power 1.5V battery (R6) x 8
Display 125mm x 37mm
Product color Red and grey
Product net weight 1000g
Product size 210mm x 175mm x 90mm
Standard accessories Batteries, test line, holster, gallus, tool box
Standard individual packing Gift box, English manual
Standard quantity per carton 1pcs
Standard carton measurement 340mm x 140mm x 340mm
Standard carton gross weight 3.4kg
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