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UT620C+ Micro-ohmmeter (Coming soon)

UT620C+ can measure a wide range of resistance values with high precision. It is a highly accurate portable resistance meter capable of measuring resistance levels from micro-ohm to mega-ohm. It is ideal for testing and maintenance of large equipment, such as measuring winding and welding resistance of large motors and stators for hybrid and electric vehicles. Widely used in telecommunications, power distribution systems, new energy vehicles, petrochemicals, industrial plant grounding systems, etc.

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Features of UT620C+ Micro-ohmmeter

Certifications: CE, RoHS

1. Micro-ohm level measurement, resistance measurement range: 0.001mΩ~300.0KΩ
2. Resolution up to 1μΩ
3. The accuracy can reach ±0.1%FS
4. The measurement current ≤ 1A
5. 500 groups of data storage
6. Large LCD display
7. Automatic shutdown, longer standby time
8. The lithium battery can be used repeatedly
9. Compact design, easy to carry and operate


Resistance range 100.1kΩ~300.0kΩ/3uA 100Ω
10.01kΩ~100.00kΩ/3uA 10Ω
100.1Ω~1000.0Ω/100uA 0.1Ω
10.01Ω~100.00Ω/1mA 0.01Ω
1.001Ω~10.000Ω/10mA 0.001Ω
100.1mΩ~1000.00mΩ/100mA 0.1mΩ
0.001mΩ~100.00mΩ/1A 0.01/0.001mΩ
Functions Measuring the resistance of all kinds of wires, switches, connectors, contactors, fuses, coils, transformer windings, metal riveting, and so on.
Measurement methods Four-wire method
Test current ≤1A
Open circuit voltage ≤4.2V
Input protection ≤36V AC/DC
Power consumption measurement power: ≤8W
Measuring speed about 2times/s
Automatic power off 15 minutes if no operation
storage 500 set
display type segment LCD
USB ingerface Type C
Backlight Yes
Low battery indication Yes
IP rating IP54
Certificate CE, RoHS
General Characteristics
Power supply DC 3.7V 3200mAh lithium battery
Product Color Black + Red
Product Weight 480g(battery included)
Product Dimension 161 mm×117 mm×68mm


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