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UT118C Pen-Type Meter (Coming soon)

The UT118C Pen-type meter is a lightweight and durable device that boasts True RMS measurement capability, allowing for accurate readings. With the ability to measure voltage up to AC/DC 600, a wide resistance and capacitance range, and gold-plated special-tip test leads for versatility and safe operation (CAT III 600V & CAT IV 300V), it is an excellent and cost-effective choice for residential appliance repair and DIY enthusiasts.

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Features of UT118C Pen-type meter

Certifications (UT118C series only): CE, cETLus, RoHS

● True RMS
● Two-color mold injection
● Display 6000
● CAT III 600V/CAT IV 300V
● 600V DC/AC voltage measurement
● Large resistance measurement: 60MΩ
● Large capacitance measurement: 60mF
● Diode/on/off/resistor automatic identification
● Two-step adjustment of nib length
● Gold-plated special-tip test leads, hardened phosphor bronze


Technical Specifications
DC voltage (V) 6.000V/60.00V/600.0V ±(1%+3)
AC voltage (V) 6.000V/60.00V/600.0V ±(1%+4)
Resistance 600.0Ω/6.000kΩ/60.00kΩ/600.0kΩ ±(1%+3)
6.000MΩ ±(1.5%+5)
60.00MΩ ±(2.5%+5)
Capacitance 600.0nF/6.000uF/60.00uF/600.0uF ±(3.5%+8)
6.000mF ±(5.0%+9)
60.00mF ±(10.0%+9)
Frequency 99.99Hz/999.9Hz/9.999kHz/99.99kHz/999.9kHz ±(0.01%+5)
Display count 6000
Duty cycle 0.1% to 99.9%
True RMS
Auto range
Screen HTN LCD 36*15mm
Auto power off
Flash light
Indicator Dual color
Battery AAA*1
Category rating CAT IV 300V;  CAT III 600V
Certificates CE/cETLus/ROHS
General Characteristics
Power supply AAA*1
Product dimension 182.5mm x 38.0mm x 38.5mm
Product color Gray + Red
Accessories User manual 1pcs, 1.5V AAA battery 1pcs


applications of UT118C pen-type meter-5
NCV live test:Equipped with NCV function, this meter utilizes a red flashing LED and buzzing to promptly indicate live wires, ensuring enhanced safety during electrical inspections.
applications of UT118C pen-type meter-3
Safety & reliable:
This meter ensures safe and reliable measurements with CAT III 600V and CAT IV 300V certifications, providing accurate readings and minimizing electrical hazards.
applications of UT118C pen-type meter-4
Portable and lightweight design:
This meter's portable and lightweight design offers operators convenience and ease of use, making it a versatile and indispensable tool for various tasks.
applications of UT118C pen-type meter-1
Gold-plated special-tip test lead:
With its gold-plated special-tip test lead, this product makes electronic measurements effortless and precise.



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