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UT262E Non-Contact Phase Detector

UT262E is a clamp-type non-contact phase detector. It can avoid electric sparks due to contacting with bare wires, reducing the risk of electrical shock to electricians and other professional personnel. UT262E can also be used for live wire detection, simple electrical inspection, phase identification, missing-phase judgment, wire breaker searching, and positive or negative states through audio and visual indication.


It is a perfect tool for phase sequence detection, motor mounting, and wires maintenance. It improves the safety of field testing, ensures the safety of operators and increases productivity.


Features of UT262E Non-Contact Phase Detector

Certificates: CE, UKCA

● Phase-detection
● Phase missing detection
● Phase sequence detection
● Non-contact detection
● Three-phase AC voltage: 70-1000V AC
● LED & Buzzer indication
● Automatical power off

Specifications of UT262E Non-Contact Phase Detector

Models UT262E
Function/Application Phase detection, live wire examination, power inspection, phase loss judgment, breakpoints finding, breakpoints positioning.
Measurement method Non-contact detection
Phase wire position Put the wires at the position between “▲” and “▼” marked on the clamp
Voltage range Three-phase voltage, 70-1000V AC (45Hz ~ 66Hz)
Operating frequency 50Hz/60Hz(±10%) 50Hz/60Hz, Automatically identify within the range of frequency error of standard power grid, the frequency range of other variable-frequency power supply is not examined.
Test method Non-contact clamping Diameter of wires can be clamped: ø2mm~ø40mm
Double-insulated LDPE clamp (0.5mm²*1C+B), OD: 3.5mm, extension wire length: 0.6m.
Power supply 1.5V AA*2 alkaline batteries Continuous working time: more than 20 hours
Power consumption Power-off current is less than 10uA @3V Maximum average working current: 70mA @3V
Low battery indication <2.4V The indicator light flashes slowly to indicate low battery.
<2V The buzzer beeps twice to indicate power off.
Auto power off After the detector is turned on for about 5 minutes, it will power off automatically and the buzzer will beep twice.
Operating temperature 32~122°F (0~50°C)
Operating humidity >85% (Non condensing)
Storage temperature 4~140°F (-20~60°C)
Altitude < 2000m
Button life 10000 cycles
Insulation intensity 3.7kVrms
Buzzing decibel 65~70dB
IP rating IP52
Safety certification CE, UKCA EN61010-1: 2001, EN61010-031: 2002
Safety rating Pollution Class 2, CAT Ⅳ (600V), CAT III(1000V), 8000V transient overvoltage (Only for the clamp)
General Characteristics
Product Color Red, black
Product weight (include batteries) 237.7g (including batteries); 191.5g (excluding batteries,REF)
Product Dimension 88mm*30mm*66mm (REF)
Standard accessories User manual: 1 pc
Carrying bag: 1 pc
Warranty card: 1 pc
Inspection Certificate: 1 pc
AA alkaline battery: 2 pcs
Standard package Gift box, carrying bag
Standard quantity per carton 5pcs
Standard carton Dimension 345X195X200mm
Standard carton gross weight 238 g

Applications of UT262E Non-Contact Phase Detector

UT262E application 1
UT262E application 2

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