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UT325F 4-Channel Thermometer

UT325F 4-Channel Thermometer is a high- accuracy digital thermometer that uses a thermocouple as the temperature probe.It widely used in electronic and mechanical device monitoring, laboratory test, hardware processing, concrete placing.

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Features of UT325F 4-channel thermometer

Certifications : CE, UKCA

● 7 types of thermocouples


● Temperature difference

● Offset value compensation

● 72000 data storage

● PC software and bluetooth APP connection

Specification of UT325F 4-channel thermometer

Specification UT325F
Thermocouple types Type K, J, T, E, R, S and N
Measuring range Type K thermocouple -200.0℃~1372℃ (-328.0℉~2501℉)
Type J thermocouple -210.0℃~1200℃(-346.0℉~2192℉)
Type T thermocouple -250.0℃~400.0℃(-418.0℉~752.0℉)
Type E thermocouple -150.0℃~1000℃(-238.0℉~1832℉)
Type R thermocouple 0℃~1767℃(32℉~3212℉)
Type S thermocouple 0℃~1767℃ (32℉~3212℉)
Type N thermocouple -200.0℃~1300℃(-328.0℉~2372℉)
Display resolution 0.1℃/℉/K (<1000)
1.0℃/℉/K (≥1000)
Accuracy ±(0.2%+0.5℃) Below -10℃: The original basis + 0.5℃; Below -200℃: The original basis + 2℃; Type T below -200℃: For reference only
The accuracy is applicable to the ambient temperature of 18℃ to 28℃, and it does not include the error of the thermocouple
Repeatability accuracy ±0.1%+0.3℃
Response time About 500ms
Measurement functions Unit selection ℃/℉/K
Data hold
Auto power off
Measurement modes MIN/MAX/AVG
Difference View temperature difference between any two channels
Timing measurement The recording interval can be set for 1s-24h to record the measurement data periodically
System functions Data recording 72000
Backlight Turn on/off
Data transmission Type-C USB, Bluetooth
Battery status
Power frequency anti-interference 50/60Hz
Drop proof 1m
Operating time ﹥30h
Operating temperature -10℃~50℃ (14℉~122℉)
Storage temperature 20℃~60.0℃ (-4℉~140℉)
Operating humidity 90%RH (non-condensing)
Standard accessories 3*AAA battery, 4*thermocouples, product,user manual,safety instructions, gift box
Power 3*AAA alkaline zinc-manganese battery
Product size 178×63×38mm
Product net weight
Standard quantity per carton 10pcs
Standard carton size 395×330×330mm


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