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UT377C Pinless Moisture Meter

UT377C is a Moisture Meter measured in contact or induction way, testing the moisture content without damaging the wood and building materials, with features of high accuracy, reliable performance, undamaged measurement, and etc. It is widely used in the industries of manufacturing, wood processing, architectural decoration, scientific research, quality control, and etc.


Features of UT377C Pinless Moisture Meter

Certifications (UT377C series only): CE, RoHS

Language: EN, FR, DE, IT, ES, SV, PL, CZ

● Non-destructive Testing
● Anti-grip Interference
● Measured Depth: 30mm

● Ambient Temperature Measurement
● Come With Flashlight
● 4 Measurement Modes


Functions Types Test Range Resolution Value Error
Wood & Building Materials Measurement Softwood 4~32% 0.10% ±4%
Hardwood 4~32% 0.10%
Drywall 0~99.9% 0.10% Unspecified
Masonry 0~99.9% 0.10%
Temperature Measurement ℃/℉ -20~70℃ 0.1℃ Unspecified
Sensor Size 50*50mm
Minimum Target Size 50*50mm
Target Thickness Range 6~30mm
Screen Display EBTN Color Screen
Simulation Bar Indication
Audible Alarm Indication
Auto Power Off
Measurement Modes Softwood, Hardwood, Drywall, Masonry
Auto Power Off Auto power off in 5 minutes
Work Environment 0~40℃  ≤80%RH
Storage Environment -20~60℃  ≤75%RH
Power Supply AAA Alkaline Battery*3
Product Size 152×70×30mm
Product Net Weight 160g
Standrad Accessories User Manual*1, Cloth Bag*1, AAA Alkaline Battery*3
Standard Quantity Per Carton 20pcs


Application of UT377C Pinless Moisture Meter-1
Application of UT377C Pinless Moisture Meter-2
Application of UT377C Pinless Moisture Meter-3
Application of UT377C Pinless Moisture Meter-4

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