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UT658 Series USB Testers

The second generation UT658 series USB testers can inspect USB chargers, portable power sources, USB type A and C cables and other electronic charging devices. UT658 measures output voltage, current, energy, capacity, circuit equivalent resistance, D+ and D- voltages of USB data cables. This series is designed to be precise, reliable, stable, and portable. They are great tools for applications such as manufacturing verification, engineering testing, and DIYers.


Models in UT658 series: UT658A, UT658C, UT658DUAL, UT658LOAD



Features of UT658 Series USB Testers

Certifications: CE, UKCA

● Type-A/C interface

● CE certification

● 10 sets of data storage

● Loop equivalent resistance measurement (1-480Ω)

● Same screen shows voltage, current, power, capacity, etc.

● Support fast charge protocol

Specifications of UT658 Series USB Testers

Specifications Description UT658A UT658C UT658DUAL UT658LOAD
Input & Output ports (Type A)
Input & Output ports (Type C)
Data/charging protocol 2.0/3.0 2.0/4.0 2.0/(3.0/4.0) 2.0/3.0
Voltage range 4~24VDC, resolution: 0.01V
Current range (Type-A) 0.05~3ADC, resolution: 0.01A
Current range (Type-C) 0.05~5ADC, resolution: 0.01A
Capacity 0~99999mAh, resolution: 1mAh
Energy 0~1000Wh
Circuit equivalent resistance measurement 1~480Ω
USB data cable voltage (D+, D-) 0~3.3V
Data storage 10 sets
Electrical load (UT658LOAD only) 0.5A, 1A, 2A, 3A (Max power: 60W)
Maximum recording time 99h, 59min, 59sec; resolution: 1s
Fast charge protocol (Type-A) QC 3.0 fast charge protocol
Fast charge protocol (Type-C) QC 4.0 fast charge protocol
General Characteristics
Product color White
Product net weight UT658A/C: 50.6g; UT658DUAL: 65.8g; UT658LOAD: 114.4g
Product size UT658A/C: 93mm x 45mm x 13mm; UT658DUAL: 93mm x 55mm x 13mm;UT658LOAD: 122mm x 53mm x 27mm
Standard individual packing Gift box, English manual
Standard quantity per carton 60pcs
Standard carton measurement UT658A/C/DUAL: 280mm x 220mm x 225mm; UT658LOAD: 320mm x 300mm x 225mm
Standard carton gross weight UT658A/C: 4kg; UT658DUAL: 5.5kg; UT658LOAD: 9kg

Applications of UT658 Series USB Testers

UT658LOAD Tester with electronic load
Tester with electronic load

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