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iENV Smart Phone APP

iENV is an App which connects UNI-T’s mini environmental series meters to a cell phone through Bluetooth. It is a free App which can be downloaded from Google Play, Apple Store or UNI-T’s website at



Features of iENV Smart Phone APP

● Wireless data transfer through Bluetooth
● Real-time data and trends display
● Real-time/historical/off-line data and trends recall. Data export in csv, pdf, or graphical format files that can be sent through e-mail
● Attach pictures taken with phone into data reports
● Allows user and company info to be filled in with reports and able to send reports through email
● Bluetooth connectivity distance is roughly 10 meters in open space

Tutorial of iENV Smart Phone APP (iOS)

Applications of iENV Smart Phone APP

iENV is able to display and record real-time temperature and humidity, noise level, wind speed, RPM and light intensity through UNI-T meters UT333BT, UT325F, UT353BT, UT363BT , UT372D, UT381A, UT383BT respectively.

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