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UT715 Multifunction Loop Process Calibrator

The UT715 multifunction loop process calibrator, it measures and sources loop current and voltage. It is designed with 0.02% accuracy, adjustable backlight and auto power off. It is a powerful tool for calibration, repair, and maintenance of mA loops.


Features of UT715 Multifunction Loop Process Calibrator

Certifications: CE, UKCA

● Step/ramp functions

● Source and measure accuracy up to 0.02%
● Rechargeable battery
● Contrast adjustment
● Auto power off (Time adjustable)
● Stores and recalls setups
● USB communication
● Provides 24V loop power to transmitter while conducting mA current measurement at the same time

Specifications of UT715 Multifunction Loop Process Calibrator

Specifications Range UT715
DC voltage (V) 200mV/30V ±(0.02%+2)
DC current (mA) 24mA ±(0.02%+2)
Loop current (mA) 24mA ±(0.02%+2)
Frequency (Hz) 100Hz/1kHz/10kHz/100kHz ±(0.01%+1)
Continuity test
DC voltage (V) 100mV/1000mV/10V ±(0.02%+10)
DC current (mA) 24mA/20mA (SIM) ±(0.02%+2)
Frequency (Hz) 200Hz/2000Hz/20kHz ±(0.01%+1)
Pulses (Hz) 100Hz/1kHz/10kHz ±1
Loop power output 24V ±10%
Display count 20000
Operation temperature  -10°C~55°C
General Characteristics
Power 1.2V x 6 AA rechargeable battery
Product net weight 650g
Product size 195mm x 95mm x 58mm
Standard accessory Test lead, USB cable, power adapter, English manual

Applications of UT715 Multifunction Loop Process Calibrator

UT715 DC voltage measurement
DC voltage measurement
UT715 frequency measurement
Frequency measurement



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